Upgrade Labs Riverton

A Cutting-Edge Biohacking Facility for Optimal Fitness.


Experience the future of wellness at Upgrade Labs Riverton, where cutting-edge AI and biohacking technologies converge to revolutionize your health journey. Dive into a world of comprehensive services, encompassing cognitive enhancement, rapid recovery, and peak performance optimization. Elevate your physical and mental capabilities with our scientifically-backed, personalized approaches, tailored to unlock your body's full potential."


We harness the power of cutting-edge technology to redefine your fitness journey. Our performance services, integrating adaptive technology and biohacking, are designed to amplify your training efficiency. Experience a week's worth of exercise benefits in significantly less time, enhancing your strength, speed, and endurance remarkably. Join us to transform your workout routine and achieve unparalleled physical performance.


our recovery services are meticulously crafted to expedite your healing and rejuvenation process. Utilizing advanced modalities like Cryotherapy and Red Light Therapy, we focus on reducing inflammation, accelerating muscle recovery, and enhancing overall wellness. Embrace our transformative recovery solutions and experience a heightened sense of revitalization after each session.


our cognition services are dedicated to enhancing your mental performance and clarity. Through targeted therapies and techniques, we aim to boost brain function, improve focus, and increase mental acuity. By optimizing cognitive health, our services support a sharper mind and a more balanced state of well-being

Artificial Intelligence

At Upgrade Labs, we harness artificial intelligence to revolutionize your workout experience. Our AI technology is meticulously designed to personalize each fitness session, adapting to your unique needs and maximizing the effectiveness of every workout. This advanced approach ensures that you achieve superior results in significantly less time. By integrating AI-driven protocols, we focus on providing the most efficient and effective training, allowing you to experience the future of fitness and wellness with every visit

For Our Friends At GOAT

In appreciation of our patrons from Goat Promotions, we're excited to offer a complimentary cryotherapy session at Upgrade Labs Riverton. Experience the benefits of cryotherapy, including quicker recovery, reduced inflammation, and increased energy, with this special gift. Dive into a personalized wellness journey and see how this cutting-edge treatment can enhance your health. Join us for your free session and feel the difference firsthand!

Upgrade Labs Riverton

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